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 The UK government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. As part of the European Union has set directives covering energy matters, the UK has signed up to various environmental initiatives such as Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the UK has enforced a rule that by January 2009 to have in place a system for providing all property with an Energy Performance Certificate(EPC). 

Residential was the first property sector to require EPCs. Since 1st October 2008, all commercial properties requires an energy performance certificate(EPC) on constructions, sales or rent.

A practice of a good estate agent is to know the possible defect in the property they are marketing. The following are the possible common defect can be seen in a property 

The reasons for these defect may be 

  • natural causes - weather, insects or fungi
  • poor or old materials
  • poor workmanship
  • poor design
  • poor maintenance